Instructions For Root Canal Care

About Your Root Canal Therapy

We realize that in many instances root canal therapy is accompanied by apprehension about the unknown. In an effort to relieve this problem, we have complied the following information to make your inform you on your treatment procedure and the aftercare and healing process.

General Considerations

  1. Our objective in endodontics is to relieve pain, eliminate infection in the tooth and surrounding tissues, and to provide a favorable environment in which nature may completely heal the affected areas.
  2. After endodontic therapy is completed, permanent restoration will be completed if possible. If the tooth requires a more extensive restoration such as a crown, a temporary restoration will be placed. You will be informed and arrangements with your dentist will be made for permanent restorations.
  3. Your cooperation in keeping appointments can not be overemphasized. If the recommendation of having a permanent restoration with a crown is made, we recommend having that procedure completed within 4-6 weeks of your root canal treatment.
  4. After your root canal therapy is completed, it may be necessary for a check-up usually at 6 months or one year. This is important to evaluate the healing process of your treated tooth.

After Your Treatment

You may find that this treatment to be fairly uneventful; similar to having a tooth filled. It is not uncommon to experience some discomfort after your treatment. This may be due to the irritation produced by the infection that was produced in the tooth. Manipulation of the tooth and its supporting tissues during the treatment may also produce some mild irritation. The tooth will feel much better in a day or two if you follow these suggestions.

  1. Avoid chewing on the tooth to allow adequate time for healing.
  2. Discomfort can usually be controlled by taking 600mg-800mg of Advil or Ibuprofen every 4-6 hours until tooth is comfortable.
  3. A slight swelling occasionally develops in conjunction with the discomfort. This is generally due to the tissue sensitivity, and not necessarily due to infection. If pain or swelling becomes progressively worse, please do not hesitate to call our office for advice or special care.

Completion of Treatment

Your root canal has been sealed either temporarily or permanently to promote healing. The infection that was present in your tooth has been eliminated and should not recur. It is now up to nature to repair the damage that the original infection produced. Your physical state of health will play an important part in this healing process.